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Barbie Tumbler

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Okay Barbie, let's GO Party!

18oz Fashion doll tumblers keep COLD DRINKS COLD! And warm drinks stay warm!

Forget about single-walled tumblers. Sure, they can hold a drink, but sooner or later you’ll wish that cold drink hadn’t gone warm, or left condensation rings all over your surface.

Strata Tumblers with their double walls, thermo-regulate your drinks so you can enjoy them down to the last refreshing drop.

EASY TO CLEAN: Cracked plastic and water getting into the double walls are real concerns when it comes to cleaning an acrylic tumbler. These tumblers are 100% Handwash Only.

✅SATISFYING TO GRIP: Many people agree skinny tumblers are the most comfortable size to hold.

Not only do they feel good, but they’re also easier for kids, and folks with arthritic hands. Each tumbler is 8.5” high with a 2.5” diameter

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